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Terms & Conditions

1、We are not any Chinese Consulate or US government or a lawyer. We are only help the client to submit application based on our knowledge. But we do not guarantee the success of any application. Chinese Consulates or US government may reject or delay any client’s application.

We take no responsibility for any losses that result. All of the information from us, that’s only for reference. It does not constitute legal advice. We try to keep our information up to date, however, the consulate can change requirement without prior warning and this change can be take effect immediately.


2、We do not have the ability to verify the authenticity of the documents from the customer, nor do it have the power to review whether the documents can be used in China. Therefore, we will not bear the consequences of the fact that the client provides false documents or the contents of the documents do not meet the requirements of the unit in Chinese. The client shall carefully check the entire content of the document, and we are shall not be responsible for the errors in the content of the documents, including but not limited to any liability and legal consequence resulting from the typographical error.


3、The processing time noted above includes any government’s processing time, which is calculated from the second business day after the client confirms and signs the document.

So it is only an estimation. We will not bear any responsibility or legal consequences if the document or visa can not be completed within the scheduled processing time due to the extension of the government’s processing time.

Business day means the day on which Chinese Consulate and any US government are open for business. All weekends, US and Chinese holidays are not counted as business days. Also the day we receive your documents is not counted as a business day.


4、Cancellation and refund policy

     a、Before we do any services for you - You can cancel your application without any fee.

     b、Before we are sending the application to government - You can cancel your application without any government fees, but our service fees are non-refundable.

     c、After we have been sent the application to government  - All fees paid will not be refunded.

     d、If your application is denied or delayed or you are called for interview by Chinese consulates - All fees paid will not be refunded.


5、Shipping and delivery

We take no responsibility for delayed or lost documents. However, we just provide the tracking number to you, we do not help you to contact any shipping agent about the any status or file a claim.  


6、We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone without giving a reason.

      We reserve the right to explain or amend the above terms & conditions.


7、When you using our services, that you have fully understood the content above and are willing to bear the legal consequences thereof.